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Sunday, 2 2008f March, 2008

SNL does Cleveland (presidential debate)

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(I thought I had the video embedded here, and then it disappeared.  What up, WordPress?) 

Go here to see it:


Wednesday, 27 2008f February, 2008

And the loser is …

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Who would have thought that Tim Russert could be the loser of the Democratic presidential debate last night.  As a supporter of Clinton, even I have to say it seemed like a draw between Clinton and Obama.  But moderator Russert demonstrated what a loser he is.

 For those who didn’t see it, Russert was on the attack against Clinton and Obama.  Instead of trying to get solid answers on their policy differences, he tried to trip them up over petty points and questioned them with endless hypotheticals.  He treated Senator Clinton with a smug, disrespectful attitude and at times (the Farrakhan question, for example) was not much better in his treatment of Obama.

During the debate, when Russert asked the question about Russia, I thought it was directed at Senator Clinton, but after the debate Rusert claimed that he asked the question for either candidate and that Clinton spoke up first and took the question.  He mocked her for stating that she always gets the first question and then sneared that she actually likes to answer questions.  Russert reminded me of a power rapist gloating over his perceived truth that the victim really likes the mistreatment.

 Tim Russert, shame on you!

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