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Thursday, 21 2008f February, 2008


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Whew!  The biopsy was okay (I’d say it was negative, but I’m not sure that terminology is used for biopsy results).  I have to have pap smears every 4 months for awhile now, I guess.  At this point, the doctor isn’t even using one of the methods to treat dysplasia.  Apparently, this appears to be the kind of thing that will go away on its own. 


Friday, 8 2008f February, 2008

Colposcopy: What I’m doing for Valentine’s Day

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The doctor’s office called a few days ago to tell me my pap test result was abnormal.  Now I have to have a colposcopy.  I had one once before, about 15 years ago because my pap test came back ASCUS.  That time the doctor didn’t see anything abnormal and didn’t take a sample for biopsy.  This time the result is abnormal–not just ASCUS.  I am very worried.  My colposcopy is scheduled for next Thursday, February 14th.  Not exactly the kind of action I want for Valentine’s Day!

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