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Tuesday, 20 2008f May, 2008

Job Search Update

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RCP did not seem like a good fit for me, so after the interview I sent a thank you note that pretty much said thanks but no thanks.  I have an interview coming up at DFE.  I have actually studied for this interview.  Of course I hope to do well and get an acceptable job offer, but even if I don’t get the job this time, I need to  impress them in case this job or a similar position becomes available again in the near (or distant) future. 


Thursday, 10 2008f April, 2008

Good Days, Bad Days

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I received good news and bad news today by telephone.  The bad news was about the death of a friend.  The good news was the scheduling of an interview at RCP.

Tuesday, 25 2008f March, 2008

Phone interview

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RCP called me today and conducted an unscheduled screening interview on the phone.  Wow, I knew I had a good feeling about this one.  Let’s just hope I didn’t mess up too badly on the phone today.

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