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Tuesday, 20 2008f May, 2008

Violent Sex SPAM

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I received SPAM email that says something to the effect of Terrorize her with 9 massive inches.  Huh?  This is why men want large penises–to hurt women?  Imagine if SPAM email about breast enlargement suggested that women want large breasts so we can club men with them and knock them unconscious.


Wednesday, 26 2008f March, 2008

Abusive fuckwads never go away

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Lowry tried to contact me.  I thought he was going to leave me alone now, but he tried to contact me.  I semi-freaked out.  Do you know how often I see a car I think is his or become convinced that the person who commented on one of my blogs is really him in disguise?  I really hope he does not make any more attempts to contact me.

Wednesday, 20 2008f February, 2008

Just answering the question

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Lowry emailed a question to me one day recently.  I was going to ignore his stupid email, but instead I wrote back a brief answer.  He then replied to my reply, stating I don’t want to hear from you again.  Could this man be a bigger jerk?  He was acting like I had written to him in the first place, when really I had only answered his question.  Of course, when we were still dating he called me one day and then angrily told me he was busy and it wasn’t convenient to talk.

Sunday, 3 2008f February, 2008

When I realized Lowry was abusive

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Near the end of October, we had a big fight one Sunday morning.  Lowry was in my kitchen cooking breakfast.  I suggested that there was another pan he might want to use.  Lowry got very angry, accused me of being controlling, yelled at me for being unappreciative that he was cooking breakfast, and left angry.  It really seemed like he was just picking a fight that morning. 

We split up for a couple of days, but had some phone conversations during that time.  He yelled at and berated me on the phone during most of those conversations.  I can still hear him yelling loudly and sharply into the phone, “Shut up.  Just shut up.” and even worse things, like telling me that I was, “a selfish little child.”  He had made threats of using the legal system against me (because he thought I had ‘broken into’ his email–something I had not done).  He also informed me that he had the right to have sex with whomever he wanted and it was none of my business.  I pointed out that we had agreed to be exclusive and that I was behaving based on the belief that we were exclusive.  He argued that he had agreed to that, but that he still had a right have sex with other people and that his right still existed even though he wouldn’t do it. 

It sounds crazy to me now, but somehow within a couple of days I was agreeing that we had both done some things wrong, apologizing to him, and offering to see a therapist about my problems.  It seemed sensible and mature at the time.  The evening we decided to work things out and that I agreed to behave better in this relationship was one of his rare moments of really listening to me.  He walked in my door that evening and behaved in a very non-threatening, almost humble, manner, sat on my couch and offered to listen without interrupting for 5 minutes.  He then reflected on what I said and seemed to empathize.  Things were better for a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks.  Of course, it didn’t take long before I had that walking on egg shells feeling every time I was around him again. 

 That, I think, is pretty much the definition of being emotionally and verbally abused.  It didn’t just start that Sunday with the fight about which pan to use, but I recognized–or at least suspected–it at that point.  Still, I didn’t end our relationship until January.  I was in a bad place and needed him.  Of course, much of the credit/blame for putting me in that bad place goes to him.

I’ll tell more of what happened with Lowry, but I do have other things I want to talk about, too.

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