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Wednesday, 20 2008f February, 2008

Not Fiction

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This blog is not fiction, but, as mentioned before, names are changed (see the Legend for explanations of who the named people and places are), and sometimes I may have to change minor details in order to protect my privacy.


Thursday, 14 2008f February, 2008

Underground on the Web

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Please don’t worry that I’m literally on the run or hiding in a cave somewhere.  I just can’t write certain personal and career-related items out in the open anymore.  Mostly I can’t post personal information because of Lowry.  I can’t say anything about him because he made certain threats about that.  But here I am not calling him by his real name and most readers won’t know who he really is, so it’s okay.  And I don’t want to give too much personal information at the old web hangout because Lowry is still reading it and I don’t want him to know what’s going on in my life.

Thursday, 31 2008f January, 2008

Let the blogging of the ‘batty’ woman begin

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ok … so I guess it’s time to start real posts. 

Wednesday, 30 2008f January, 2008

Pseudonym Legend

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I’m going to have to establish pseudonyms for everybody.  I’ll keep track of some of these here and update this post with more as I add or change them.

Chiroptera – ME!

Lowry – Boyfriend from 2007 to early 2008

Hill Valley Employer [ HVE] – Place where I currently work

Certain Metropolitan Place [CMP] – Someplace I applied for a job

Dream Former Employer [ DFE] – Place there is a current job posting, also a place I used to work

Rural Crossroads Place [RCP] — Place I applied for a job

Thursday, 24 2008f January, 2008

To protect my privacy

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It goes without saying that names of people, places, and events may be changed in this blog to protect my privacy.  Names may be obviously not real, such as Chiroptera, or may sound like real names like Joe or Jane.

Sunday, 20 2008f January, 2008

Welcome to the Chiropteran Underground

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Welcome to my new blog.  I am calling myself Chiroptera because I like bats and to some extent think of them as my totem animal.  This is my underground because I need to blog pseudonymously right now so that I may talk about things like relationships and job searches.

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