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Thursday, 17 2008f April, 2008

The roots of my feminism

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I was surprised to find Twisty praising Feministing dot com in her recent post.

Not too long ago, I used to read Feministing every day.  I really do not recall how I found it or how I found I Blame the Patriarchy, but I do know that I now look forward to Twisty’s posts and only now and then look at Valenti & Co.’s blog.  I got tired of the Feminism TM approach.  Says Twisty:

It’s only natural that the nascent feminists of tomorrow, just beginning to explore a future separate from being unpopular in high school, would be attracted to Feministing. They’re 18. Their hormones are snap crackle poppin’. They want to be like the hip, self-actualized Feministingers. This is good, because Feministing gets a lot of the basic stuff right. They’re blamin’ the patriarchy left and right, and they’re doing it, not with a bunch of pie-in-the-sky inaccessible revolutionary theory that takes months, if not years, of committed intellectualizing to grasp, but with cogent, cut-to-the-chase commentary on current events.

I thought that I was sort of a rookie feminist because I did not take Women’s Studies courses in college and I have only in the last couple of years read any feminist theory.  I enjoyed reading what the young bloggers have to say, but tired of it quickly.  I wondered how I could advance so quickly from a feminism primer to IBTP when Valenti actually majored in Women’s and Gender Studies and I know so little about it.  But Twisty’s post and the comments after made me realize that I am older than the target audience for Feministing and that my feminist beliefs stem more from the life I have lived than the literature I have read.  Yes, Valenti and the other writers on Feministing probably know a lot more about Women’s Studies than I do, in an academic sense.  When I read Dworkin, I don’t think what a new idea for me–I think I noticed that too but couldn’t say it so well.

Thanks, Twisty, for helping me clarify this for myself.  And, by the way, I am not claiming that Valenti et al. have not had life experiences, too.  I am just saying that I am older (than Jessica Valenti and some other young feminist writers) and have had certain experiences which have brought me to this point.


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  1. “When I read Dworkin, I don’t think what a new idea for me–I think I noticed that too but couldn’t say it so well.”

    me too 🙂

    Sorry I hate it when people do that (leave tiny comments). I found you in the comments at ibtp, and felt I must respond with a smile and a nod!

    Comment by v — Monday, 21 2008f April, 2008 @ 12:04 pm

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